Carpool (fall 2020)

Complete carpool tool for schools, teams, and active families, helping parents to carpool with families they know and trust.

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Trusted circle. No paid drivers. You only set up carpools with other families you know and trust

Simply input who will participate, where it's going to/from and when it happens

Our app will plot the optimal route to pick up and drop off each child in the carpool

Taxi service

Platform to connect families with a need for child logistics with persons that provide such a service.

Smart solution for children to get safely to desired destination

Fully background-checked and experienced drivers

Know exactly when each ride begins and ends, and where children are every step of the way.


Challege us! HopKid drivers are phenomenal. Every step of their process is easy to follow. We have made HopKid easy for you to use.

• We know that sometimes you feel like a taxi for kids. It happens.
• Do your younger children need also a driver, who can accompany them from door to door?
• Is it so, that public transport solutions usually are not so flexible and their schedule will not meet your children personal needs?

We understand how complicated it can be to get your kids around. HopKid makes it simple for families, and safe for kids. For anyone that needs a helping hand, we are here to help.

HopKid has a unique multi-step rider verification process, ensuring the safety of every child and ride is at the heart of everything we do.

Rides can be scheduled up to 8 hours in advance or by 5pm for morning rides!

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Becoming a driver is:
• a great way to make money on your free time
• a great way to set your own schedule by choosing rides in your area
• a great way to get paid

Make a difference - change the lives of families, youth and children in your community.

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